Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 for Windows

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    Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 can be used to view, build, merge, and control Adobe PDF files, and to disseminate, collaborate, and collect data.

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    您可以使用 Acrobat Pro 達成:

    • 建立及出版合併了數種內容的推廣文件或專業報告。
    • 透過建立及傳送電子化文件和表單來節省紙張及金錢。
    • 確保身心障礙夥伴對文件的近用性(accessibility)


    • 轉換或掃描文件成為 PDF 檔: You can create Adobe PDF documents from any application that prints, including Microsoft Office software, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and Lotus Notes. PDFs can also be created from scanned paper documents and forms.
    • 合併及比較檔案: You can combine a range of file types into a single PDF document or place them into a single portfolio. Documents and portfolios can include multimedia content, including FLV or H.264 video and web pages. You can also compare two versions of a PDF document to detect any differences.
    • 保護 PDF 及文件: You can apply document controls and security with password protection; permissions for printing, copying, and changing; and digital signatures. You can also permanently remove concealed information and use redaction tools to permanently delete sensitive content.
    • 透過可填寫的 PDF 表單來蒐集資料: You can create fillable forms from scanned paper, PDF documents, Microsoft Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets. Filled-out forms can be collected into a searchable, sortable, PDF package, and their data can be exported into a spreadsheet.
    • 呈現共同協作的文件標注內容: Multiple participants can conduct collaborative document reviews that allow reviewers to see one another's comments. Users of the free Acrobat Reader as well as Acrobat Pro can add comments to documents.
    • 匯出成為 PDF 檔: You can save entire PDF files or just selected portions of them as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents, retaining layout, fonts, formatting, and tables.


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